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best experience ever

One spring afternoon in 2005, I was visiting my neighbor who raises American Bulldogs. I was attempting to recover from a devastating life change and actually, I went to her house for a sympathetic ear. When I was leaving, I walked past a litter of young puppies playing in the front yard. I commented, "I am a FOOL for a puppy !!!!"Within seconds, she reached into the mound of pups and handed me a beautiful male. She said, "I want you to take this puppy and plant him as a seed. Grow him into your dreams!! Be happy again. I miss your smile."

Seeder was my very first male American Bulldog. His trademark eye patches showed up on almost all his offspring, as did his one brindle spot at the base of his tail. Seeder helped me to heal, taught me to love again, brought out the best in me, and gave me a goal. Seeder saved my life, my sanity, and my spirit. He, and the Lord above, gave me my SECOND WIND.

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Our Adults


Redmond is now 8 years young and 130 lbs. He is a high-drive young man; loves to run, swim, play fetch, and be "pampered". Redmond is very protective of the farm, house, yard, and surrounding acreage.


We are thrilled to have him begin siring in the Fall of 2017 and anxiously awaiting his (no doubt) colorful offspring ! He is currently 120 lbs @ one year old. LOTS of growing yet to do...I highly suspect he will mature around 135-140 lbs.


GUS is our latest addition male stud. Gus is a son of Big Shoes x PromiseKeeper, born 11-30-14 and is a Certified Therapy Dog. My good friends, Oley and Dianne, outside of Kansas City, have generously volunteered to allow Gus to sire several litters


Blessing. Another JOHNSON female out of West Virginia !! Hayhurst's Double Blessing is one beautiful lady !! LONG legs and high spirited, this girl is an Olympian runner!


Secondwind Heavens Nevaeh. This beautiful red brindle female is a product of mama Spitfire and daddy Redmond, born Jan 28, 2014 and currently weighing 98 pounds.

Canyon Ridge

Canyon Ridge is a gorgeous reverse red brindle. She is a full sister to female Diana Rae Rae. Her sire is Grand Champion Hayhurst's Last Man Standing of Goody.