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Redmond Spitfire Scarlett Big Shoes Promise Keeper RiverDance Big Shoes RichyRich Kix
Redmond Spitfire Scarlett Big Shoes Promise Keeper RiverDance Big Shoes RichyRich Kix


One spring afternoon in 2005, I was visiting my neighbor who raises American Bulldogs. I was attempting to recover from a devastating life change and actually, I went to her house for a sympathetic ear. When I was leaving, I walked past a litter of young puppies playing in the front yard. I commented, "I am a FOOL for a puppy !!!!" Within seconds, she reached into the mound of pups and handed me a beautiful male. She said, "I want you to take this puppy and plant him as a seed. Grow him into your dreams!! Be happy again. I miss your smile."

Our Males

Well, meet Seeder...my very first male American Bulldog. His trademark eye patches show up on almost all his offspring, as does his one brindle spot at the base of his tail. Seeder helped me to heal, taught me to love again, brought out the best in me, and gave me a goal. Seeder saved my life, my sanity, and my spirit. He, and the Lord above, gave me my SECOND WIND.

Second Wind is proud to announce our new MALE addition, REDMOND !!! Redmond is the son of Seeder and Mercy, born May 2009.

As of January, 2012, Redmond is now 2.5 years young and weighing in at 123 pounds. Redmond produces tall, long-bodied LARGE puppies !! And beautiful colors !! We are really looking forward to his new offspring in 2012 ! THANK YOU GOD for this beautiful, healthy, robust American Bulldog !! Everyone who meets Redmond is taken by his beautiful brindle markings, his enormous size, and his fantastic temperament ! He is a huge lap dog , never met a stranger, LOVES kids and having company !! Redmond lives in the house with me and is extremely protective of our “area”. He is every bit as sweet-natured as his Daddy Seeder. I am so privileged to have him !

Also NEW for 2012... we have some NEWCOMERS on the farm ! The beginning of our second generation of breeding stock !! Welcome to Second Wind Farm !!!!

Please meet our three new females, and our new baby male puppy !!
1. Spitfire: out of Iowa. What a beauty ! Extremely smart, tall, lanky, Scott-type American Bulldog. Now 6 months old and 60 pounds. Growing beautifully ! Look for her to produce some very colorful, high quality offspring in 2013 !

2. Miss Scarlett: out of Minnesota. Scarlett and RiverDance are litter mate sisters. They are granddaughters of Seeder/ Faith ! Beauty and brains ! A great combo and we have high hopes for both these girls in late 2013. Scarlett is the larger of the two and she is marked like Grammy Faith. She has her Grammy’s brains, high drive, and tight muscle framework ! Already amazingly gorgeous at 12 weeks old.

3. RiverDance: out of Minnesota and a full sister to Scarlett. RiverDance is the smaller sister , built like Grammy Faith. And just like Grammy, she is a powerhouse of energy and brains !! She is marked like her Granddaddy, Seeder. We are expecting GREAT things from these girls in late 2013 !

4. Big Shoes: from Larry Hayhurst in West Virginia ! Big Shoes is 100% Johnson bred ! His Sire (dad) is Ch. WPII Hayhurst's Red Machine/ Penn Hip Certified/ "RED". A LONG list of champion titles on this sire !! Look for the full pedigree on the "adult" page. His Dam (mom) is 100% Johnson, Hayhurst's Stella of JDJ , CLK, with 5 generations of JDJ bloodlines to her credit. This young man is a star in the making !! Watch for spectacular results from this kid in late 2012 !!

Newest Additions
Pictured from left-to-right: Spitfire, River Dance, Big Shoes and Scarlett.


Redmond x Spitfire due April 1st
Big Shoes x Scarlett / Champion bloodlines